Clubclass Language Schools are fully accredited by and are members of the leading accreditation bodies and authorities in the markets in which they operate, in the UK this is The British Council and English UK. To maintain these accreditations, the schools must comply with strict regulations relating to school premises and facilities, teacher qualifications, teaching quality, administration and welfare.

The British Council inspected and accredited Clubclass English Language school in September 2012. The Accreditation Scheme assesses the standards of management, resources and premises, teaching and welfare and accredits organisations which meet the overall standard in each area inspected - for complete details go to www.britishcouncil.org/accreditation .
"This private language school offers courses in general English for adults (18+) and for closed groups of under -18s and vacation courses for under-18s. Strengths were noted in the areas of staff management , premises and facilities and academic management. The Inspection report states that the organisation met the standards of the Scheme."





 English UK is the world's leading language teaching association with over 450 accredited members, including private language schools, educational trusts and charities and language centres in further education colleges and universities.

ISI is a Government approved inspectorate responsible for the inspection of Association independent schools. ISI also inspects private further education colleges and English language schools on behalf of the Home Office. Inspection is for the benefit of the pupils and students, and seeks to improve the quality and effectiveness of their education and care. Please see www.educationaloversight.co.uk/schools/8546/ for details.